The Effects of Prostitution

From time immemorial, prostitution has been stigmatized, often with very little understanding or comprehension of why one would be at the mercy of prostitution. Many research and feminists believe that prostitution is the epitome of dehumanizing the female gender. Many others have listed it as an assault against women. All said and done, there are those prostitutes who—when they could have chosen any of the innumerable jobs—choose blowjobs for their daily needs and sexual gratification; all by renouncing their God and disposing their moralities. This means that they weren’t assaulted, and certainly nor coerced to choose such a profession; not especially in this age of consent and frontier justice.

Many [pseudo] feminists might not be able to digest this fact, but most prostitutes in today’s world, with the amount of job opportunities, willingly and unabashedly choose to prostitute for their materialistic and sexual benefits. And this number isn’t small, for a Swiss study that was carried out in 2005 found that the number of prostitutes indulging in fornication for sexual gratification (and who didn’t have any history of abuse) were the highest among the other listed reasons. The smallest number, a mere 2%, was that of those prostitutes who had at some point in their life gone through abuse and ended up in prostitution.

Any fiasco to continue to allow fornication to be illegal, with the growing stigma, is only a means of festering incongruity in the society. It is imperative that governments act against it, for what was once promiscuity in exchange of money, is now a huge industry that is blooming and giving rise to new crime, and building the crime industry. Most governments are either oblivious to this issue, or are just milking money off of the industry. There are some tenets that support the framework of legalising prostitution. They are:

  1. Establishing a prostitute directory through the ministry of health and labour. The registry will contain the suitability, legality, fitness and qualification of applicants in an attempt to moderate, increase the value and curtail the stigma. The ministry should also be responsible for the issuance and rescindment of the license.
  2. Implementing a quarterly health screening test through the ministry of health. This will ensure that prostitutes do not carry any STDs. This will also enable them to detect early the signs of STIs, and quarantine and treat them. This will also decide if the prostitute under matter should have their license invalidated or not.
  3. Develop a training centre to educate on the safe and healthy way to whore. This’d, apparently, reduce cases of cervical cancer and STIs. The ministry should issue a certificate of participation which must limit a 70% criteria of grading to pass the training course.
  4. All agencies should provide a monthly report to the ministry of social security on all prostitutes and trainee prostitutes in order to be decisive enough in the mitigation of risks that come with this profession.

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