The Most Popular Countries for Sex Tourism

Be it legal or illegal, many countries are quickly becoming reputed for offering sex tourism. Countries which were never even heard from, are becoming renowned for sex tourism. Each of the countries in the below enumeration are culturally-rich; but that hasn’t deterred them from making debauchery commonplace. The uprisal of sex tourism in these countries can be attributed to the rise in prostitution, which generally takes place ad nauseam. If any of these cities are on your bucket list, then mayhap it’d do you good to know the red-light areas of those countries.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is often admired for its beautiful landscapes and its great weather. The prices here are completely reasonable, as this country has legalised prostitution. And because it is legal to indulge in whoredom, this has become one of the most sex-rampant countries in the world. Among the many cities of the country which are famous, Sosua and Boca Chica are the most notorious. The search can further be narrowed down to two prominent places which contribute the most for sex tourism in the country: Don Juan Beach Resort and New Garden Hotel.


This is one country which holds the heritage of ornate temples and houses some of the best beaches. But on the other hand, this country has one of the highest numbers of sex workers in the world. The Patpong area in Bangkok, with Phuket and Pattaya, is a hotbed for tourists. These places are known for their sex-shows and go-go bars. Prostitution here is partially decriminalised, and so committing adultery here isn’t completely illegal. But even the laws that prohibit prostitution here are rarely enforced, letting the industry flourish.


The famous temple, Angkor Wat, scintillates the reputation of this country, for its cultural richness. Prostitution has been criminalised here, but that hasn’t affected the insidious growth of the prostitution industry, particularly in the sex tourism sector. Cities like Siem Reap and Phnom Penh often harbour prostitutes in their downtown bars and clubs. It’d be surprising to note that, despite the recent surge in tourist visits (majorly for sex), most of the people seeking sex happen to be the local residents of the cities.

The Netherlands

At the mention of this country, it is safe for one to say that ‘prostitution’ is synonymous to Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. Not only is Amsterdam known for the sex industry, but is also known for the sale of drugs like Marijuana and Cocaine. Not many people know that, except for the sex industry, Amsterdam is also famous for its scenic canals, delicious cuisines and impressive art museums.


Cities like Ibiza, Madrid and Barcelona hold a reputation of being one of the best party places in the world; courtesy to the huge number of events conducted there. And party places naturally also become the places of revelry and debauchery. In Barcelona, the most prominent area known for prostitution is the south end of Las Ramblas boulevard. Whereas in Madrid, it happens to be the Gran Via street.